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Negotiating and Finding the Right Health Insurance

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February 19, 2018
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Negotiating and Finding the Right Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance

Health insurance is a critical requirement in that time healthcare need. Although there are many conditions to consider, it is vital to ensure that the cover is comprehensive to cater for both outpatient and inpatient care. Furthermore, it is advisable to adhere to the principles of insurance, to avoid nullification of the insurance contract. Reading the policy document is, therefore, the best way of making the best out of your insurance policy. It is encouraged that you make inquiries to the insurer when there is no clarity.

Insurance Premiums

Although medical insurance premiums are determined by the limit of liability, you should ensure that you research extensively on the rates offered for each liability and scope of cover. Failure to adhere to this guideline may make you end up with premiums that you can barely afford. The negative thing about premium defaulting is that at the occurrence of the ailment, you are considered as an uninsured.

The Limits of Liability

There are very important issues to look out for in a quotation. In some cases, you may notice that the limits of liability can only provide partial relief on healthcare fees. For instance, an insurer can be liable for up to $10,000 for surgical procedures, this might be inadequate for some medical interventions for life-threatening conditions such as cancers, burns, accidents, etc. To get a clear perspective, it is encouraged that you consult your hospital to get an overview of what the limits of liability should be.

The Acceptability of Insurance Cards

Some healthcare institutions do not accept insurance cards from selected insurers. Therefore, before venturing out in search for an insurer of choice, consider asking your hospital for a full list of insurers that they liaise with. It is unfortunate to seek treatment only to realize that the hospital or the insurance does not transact business with the particular institutions.

Find Health Insurance

Consider the Deductibles

Deductibles are the first amount that you pay out of pocket as you wait for the insurance to cover up the rest of the costs. If the figures are higher than the medical fees, you will end up paying all the charges yourself. Consider this illustration, a knee fractures whose treatment costs $3,600 versus a deductible of $3,750; you will be liable for your own costs in this scenario. It is important to know that the insurance coverage paid is per event and not per period: This means that if you get admitted to hospital 8 times in a year at charges below the deductible, the insurance will never step in for you.

Take the Perks

Some insurers offer discounts to people with healthy lifestyles. When filling the proposal forms, you ought to check the boxes for good diet, regular checkups, no history of diseases, exercises etc. Afterward, you should at least sign-up for a gym class even though you will not be a regular, for instance.

Think about Prescriptions

Ensure that your insurer covers your prescription at reasonable rates and with pharmacies near your home or place of work.

Having knowledge of what your health insurer should do for you gives you an edge in negotiating a fair deal that can cater to all your healthcare needs. If you have taken cover without considering some of the aspects discussed herein, you can always request a policy endorsement.

You never know when you will need that life-saving coverage.

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